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Luxury Yacht Sunseeker Manhattan

“Sunseeker Manhattan” with a maximal capacity of 11 passengers.


If you are looking for a yacht where you will be able to lounge, enjoy life and forget little everyday worries, thus the Luxury Yacht “Sunseeker Manhattan” is for you !

3 simple words characterize this yacht : luminosity, space and sociability

We have maximized the living and chilling space incorporating large window panes. Thus, the light can pass through it and provide you maximum comfort. 

On board of this boat, you will come together again with your friends, family or just with your partner. You will share moments full of emotions. 

This yacht consists of several little places where you will be able to relax, either in sunlight or in a cool place, and chill. 

Renting this yacht includes crew and refreshments. 

Departures from Barcelona, Sitges, Costa Brava, Valencia or Balearic Islands. 

You can consult our catering offer.

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