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Goleta Karya

Wooden Schooner

Maximal capacity up to 85 passengers.


Go on board of this spectacular wooden Schooner with a maximal capacity of 85 passengers, plus crew. Built in the dockyards of Bodrum, in Turkey, between May 2007 and June 2008, this boat is entirely made from precious wood. Navigation is double : sailing and motorized (“Iveco Cursor” motors of 320hp each). This boat is 24-meter length and 6,70 meters wide.

The schooner has a living room inside with a capacity up to 35 people. It is equipped with a bar service and a coffee maker. You can also consult our other catering offers.

Usually, the boat is based in Tarragona harbour. However, from April to July, it is anchored in Barcelona harbour.

Crew, Fuel.

You can consult our catering offer.

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