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Fast Ferry

Maximal capacity of 48 passengers.


Feel intense emotions aboard of the fastest boat of Barcelona that can accommodate up to 48 passengers.

The Fast Ferry includes the following : 1 toilet, sound system (iPod connection, MP3, CD), speakers and a wireless microphone.

Furthermore, this Ferry is adapted to people with reduced mobility.

Different set menus:

  • 1 drink
  • 1 glass of Champagne
  • Refreshments, Beer, Sangria, Champagne
  • Refreshments, Beer, Sangria, Champagne, Wine
  • 1 Mojito per person
  • Wine, Champagne, Basic coupe glasses (Whisky, Gin, Vodka), Mojito, strawberry-flavored Mojito, Caipirinha (Brazilian cocktail made from cachaça, cane sugar and lime), mango-flavored Caipirinha
  • Beer, Wine, Champagne, Basic coupe glasses, (Whisky, Gin, Vodka), Variety of Cocktails

Crew, fuel.

Night time schedules: from 7 pm to 11 pm. The Fast Ferry lands in Port Olímpic.

You can consult our catering offer.

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