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Flyer 6 – Sant Feliu (Costa Brava)

Maximal daytime capacity up to 8 passengers.


Bénéteau’s fantastic 2016 motorized boats “Flyer 6 – Tonik” and “Flyer 6 – Eros” will be the stuff of dreams with their 6-meter length and 2.5-meter width. With a maximal daytime capacity of 8 passengers, it is not possible to stay at night. 

Perfectly designed ergonomics offer an optimum and dominant steering position, an ideal stowage arrangement for bow and stowage, wider side steps and easy access to the sea. The aft cockpit is comfortable thanks to its folding stool.

These boats are just waiting for you ! Based in Club Nàutic Sant Feliu (Costa Brava). Come stay on these beautiful boats with your family, friends or partner.

Come sail on the sea in security and with comfort.

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